How I Made $500 My First Week as a Copywriter

Have you been wanting more time to travel or spend with the family?

Are you tired of commuting to the office day to day only to answer to your boss when you know you have transferable skills that could earn you an uncapped income?

For years I have attracted to the idea of living a laptop life. I knew that working for someone was going to make me miserable. So I looked to youtube to give me some answers on how I could do just that. Be a business owner and work from home. Or Italy. Or the Beach. From any corner of the globe.

I started off looking at drop shipping. I made a few sales. Made some little money here and there but not on a scale where I could quit my job or anything.

I gave up.

I was marketing the wrong kind of products. At the time, fashionable plus size workout clothes seemed to be a great idea to me! I like to feel good about the way I look as I am working out. But I did not have the right mindset and was not as educated as I am now on the value of online marketing and the behind the scenes that goes into great results.

Then I found Copywriting! The ability to set my own prices for the services I provided was very attractive. Not to mention the “create your own schedule, and work from home aspect.”

Who wouldn’t want that? There is a whole online world of people who feel the exact same way. Content creators everywhere have been able to make money from their content by promoting products and services in their work. Copywriters everywhere are making money by creating the promotional materials for these brands.

They are able to do this with a skill called copywriting, and you don’t have to be a blogger to make thousands off dollars doing it.

What is Copywriting 

Many of you who clicked on this article do not even know what copywriting is. Let me explain. Copywriting is essentially the art of selling through words. Have you ever seen an ad, or read a log post that spoke to you and made you feel like you just HAD to buy the advertised product. You felt like the product was meant for you and you had to buy it? Well,  all of that starts with good copy.

Have you ever seen terrible copy like the one on the left :Image result for bad copywriting examples

This doesn’t work because it sounds as if the business is talking to another business and not a customer. The one on the right is much shorter but much more effective. They made the reader feel like they mattered and put customer service above all else. They used words like “we” and “You” which makes the reader feel like the copy was meant for them.

Little tips and tricks like this go a long way in this field.

Think of it as sales,  but on paper. If a business needs more customers, they often attract more them through discounts and promotions. But what good is that if people don’t like what you are selling or don’t know how it is beneficial to them?

In copywriting, the main goal is to connect with an audience by speaking their language and telling them why the product or service is meant for them. This increases sales because you play on the impulse factors that make consumers feel like the need the item right now!

Can you see why this would be a highly marketable skill?

There is a very high demand for skilled copywriters and a whole community of digital nomads who could use these services as well.

Let me tell you, I simple took the time to research copywriting because I couldn’t afford this semester of college. I knew I loved to write and when I found out I could make money from it, I was thrilled.  I felt like I found my thing. So I did my research. Read the works of great millionaire copywriters like Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert who you can also learn from if you consider giving this a shot.

This book “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy is COPYWRITING GOLD if you need a step by step guide to becoming the BEST. It gave me the confidence in knowing I had all my bases covered before I delivered a product to any of my clients. Don’t be mediocre, to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

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When I felt like I had enough information, I took my skills public. I started hanging out where business owners would be. This could mean a lot of things, but for me I just went to Facebook and typed in “Copywriters” and “Entrepreneurs” found a bunch of groups that posted job listings.

Facebook was the best way I found to market my skills in the beginning. I would simply post a little message like this:

Are you tired of sending out promotional emails and newsletters that do not get the conversions and sales you need? If you have been struggling to send content, or sell to, your prospective buyers maybe I can help?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kristiana and I am a dedicated student of copywriting and online marketing.

Today, I’m doing a limited-time offer where for a flat-fee of $100 I will write 3 full promotional emails for you.

You have a choice of what the emails are:
–The emails can be just good content to send your email list (to keep them engaged).
–The emails can be a pitch for one of your best-selling products (designed to get them to buy).
–The emails can be part of an autoresponder.

Since I will write 3 full emails, you can choose any of the above style, or all three!

If you would like me to write your emails, please follow these steps:
1.) List the three emails you want me to write. Include any relevant links.
2.) Send them to me in an email to [YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS]
3.) All three emails will be done in 48 hours or less.

I will do 1 re-write per email if needed. Turnaround time is 48 hours. Payment will be made 50% upfront, 50% on completion (to hold us both accountable).

I am only doing this offer for just one person, so act now to reserve this one time deal!
Copy Cat Krissy


This is a template I used from an established copywriter Neville, the owner of The Kopywriting Kourse.

The funny thing is, I posted this and was contacted to do work for a website developer. He wanted blog posts for a website he was building and didn’t care at all about the promotional emails.

I was shook. I was like, okayyyy, we have to make another deal since it is blog posts and not promotional emails that he wanted done.

I ended up offering to write a guest post on his blog for free. One, I needed the experience and I asked him to write a testimonial of my work upon completion. Two, I knew that if he loved my work, I would get recurring gigs.

So I went to work and delivered a 1,700 word blog post about essential oils and how to use them as a home remedy for bug bites in 24 hours.

It was so random! But he loved my writing! and that same day, we closed a deal for me to write 4 more articles for his site in exchange for $500!

Let me be clear, I could have charged a lot more because of the time it takes to research, ect, but since I was just starting out, I had to make my rates appealing to business owner on a budget who was willing to give an inexperienced writer like me a shot.

I set a goal for this coming month to increase my sales to $2,500. It should not be hard. These businesses need you more than you need them, so the work is defiantly out there. You just have to:

         -Educate yourself

        -Know how to market yourself and your skills

       -Be persistent

Even if you think you aren’t a good writer, there are so many resources out there to teach you the best way to get over that. Writing is a skill that can be developed. TO some people, it comes naturally, but others have exercise the writers muscle and read about how to acquire the skills they lack.

Are you ready to put in the work to start your own profitable business?

If you have made it this far in the blog, I am sure you’d love to find out more about this topic. Subscribe to my blog on this site and stay up to date with my journey.

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A little bit about myself, my name is Kristiana Davis. I am a student at Florida International University. Last semester I found myself working in a Direct Marketing firm that had great connections, in a great location, and stood for a great cause. We actively brought on new donors to our non profit clients to increase their donations and revenue.  Working at this job, I learned a lot about what goes into face to face marketing and I became FASCINATED. Everything I learned I quickly realized could be transferred into writing.. My Passion! I read books, practiced sales pitches for business ideas I would come up with, and started doing blog posts and little marketing projects for small businesses.  In sales, there is a science behind everything. Each word needs to be strategically thought out, and placed before it even gets into the hands of prospective clients. I do all of the behind the scenes work so you don't have to! saving you time, money, and allowing you to focus more time on producing quality product.

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